Expansion valve helium inspection equipment

Expansion valve helium inspection equipment

Product introduction:

The expansion valve helium inspection equipment is a kind of equipment that uses helium as a tracer gas and can measure the overall loss of the component. The component to be tested is inserted into the vacuum chamber or analysis chamber. Then, the chamber is exhausted, and the component will be pressurized by the helium gas. When the appropriate vacuum value is reached, the mass spectrometer will be connected to the analysis chamber, so as to measure the amount of helium overflow at the tested product. It has significant characteristics such as high sensitivity and high reliability, and can realize semi-automatic operation, and can quickly and accurately detect the leakage situation of the expansion valve.

Application fields:
Air conditioning manufacturing industry: Used for the quality detection in the production process of the air conditioning expansion valve.
Automotive air conditioning system: To detect the sealing performance of the expansion valve in the automotive air conditioning.
Industrial refrigeration field: Suitable for the leak detection of the expansion valve in the industrial refrigeration equipment.
Home appliance manufacturing: In the manufacturing process of products containing expansion valves in all kinds of home appliances.
Aerospace field: To ensure the reliable operation of the refrigeration system in aerospace equipment.
Research laboratory: Used for the leak detection of the expansion valve in the related research experiment.
Maintenance service industry: To help maintenance personnel detect and repair the leakage problem of the expansion valve.
Electronic equipment manufacturing: Some electronic devices need to be cooled, and its cooling system may include the expansion valve.

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