• Egypt Auto Filter Test Equipment Project
    Egypt Auto Filter Test Equipment Project
    Auto filter test equipment is suitable for oil filter and air filter testing. HCTE provides a Egypt customers with a complete set of automobile filter testing equipment scheme. Equipment list: Oil Filter Hydrostatic Burst Tester Oil Filter Differential Pressure Flow Characteristic Tester Structural Integrity Verification And Initial Bubble Point Test Bench Filter Element Damage Resistance Test Bench Oil Filter Filtration Efficiency And Ash Capacity Testing Machine Filtration Efficiency And Impurity Storage Of Automotive Engine Diesel Filter And Gasoline Filter Air Filter Flow Resistance / Pressure Difference Test Equipment Air Filter Efficiency Test Equipment Air Filter Ash Capacity Test Equipment Air Filter Damage Resistance Test Equipment Air Filter Comprehensive Test System Fuel Filter Pulse Life Tester
  • Russian Two Chambers Vacuum Helium Leak Test Equipment Project
    Russian Two Chambers Vacuum Helium Leak Test Equipment Project
    In 2021, HCTE signed the project of two chambers of vacuum helium leak test equipment with Russian customers. The equipment is used to detect the helium leakage of condenser and evaporator. The technical requirement is that the leakage rate is 1 × 10-5 mbar L / s, gross leak test pressure 25bar, cycle time 30s / piece. With professional vacuum leak detection technology and services, HCTE has won the trust of customers and completed the delivery of two chambers of vacuum helium leak detection equipment on schedule.    
  • Mexico IPX1~8 Waterproof Test System Project
    Mexico IPX1~8 Waterproof Test System Project
    In 2021,HCTE signed a batch of laboratory testing equipment with a Mexican customer. Among them, ipx1-8 waterproof test system project is applicable to electronic appliances, lamps, electric cabinets, electrical components, automobile and motorcycle electrical products (such as automobile instruments, various switches, micro motors, etc.). This product adopts scientific design, so that the equipment can realistically simulate various environments such as dripping, sprinkling, splashing and spraying.    
  • China Auto Aluminum Casting Shell Leakage Inspection Project
    China Auto Aluminum Casting Shell Leakage Inspection Project
    The test product of the project is the automobile cast aluminum shell, and the test method is helium leak detection. HCTE provides customers with professional helium leak detection equipment. The core components of the system are subdivided into various units based on the principle of modularization. The core components of each unit are imported components. It can ensure the accuracy level and high stability of the equipment. The evacuation unit includes vacuum box evacuation pump, workpiece evacuation pump, vacuum gauge, valve and pipeline, etc. the leakage detection unit includes leak detector, standard leak hole, valve and pipeline, etc; The vacuum gauge adopts American AGILENT PVG500, and the leak detector adopts Yingfukang.      
  • A Helium Leak Detection System with a Huge Vacuum Chamber Ever is Sent to China
    A Helium Leak Detection System with a Huge Vacuum Chamber Ever is Sent to China
    Recently, our helium leak detection system, which is equipped with a largest vacuum chamber we had ever produced, is sent to China.   Since the workpiece, air conditioner heat exchanger, is very large, the vacuum chamber must large enough to fit the workpiece. The size of the vacuum chamber is 2m*2.5m*1.3m.   The system can test the workpiece with a leak rate of 1 g/year (5*10-7pa.m3/s). It has a function of automatic helium clearing what a high precision leak detection system usually has. At the same time, it can ensure the stability of the detection system, and can avoid the impact of a large amount of helium on the leak detector, and prolong the service life of the system.   Now it is sent and installed in the factory of our Chinese customer!  
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