SF6 gas detection equipment

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  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Decomposition Detector (Detection Tube Type)
    Product Description: This gas detection tube system has been used worldwide for over 50 years, with continuous improvements in usage experience, technical level, and accuracy. It is suitable for rapid and simple on-site measurement of various gases.
  • metal detector hand held
    metal detector hand held
    Hand-held helium detector
    Product introduction: The hand-held helium gas detector is used in occasions for rapid detection of helium gas concentration, temperature and humidity measurement, and over-standard alarm. The hand-held gas detector uses a 2.5-inch high-definition color screen to display the concentration in real time, and selects gas sensors of famous brands in the current industry. The main detection principles include: electrochemistry, infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, and PID photoion. With advanced circuit design and mature kernel algorithm processing, it can detect the gas concentration in pipelines or confined spaces, and the atmosphere environment, and can also detect the purity of various gas leaks and various high-concentration single gases with various background gases as nitrogen or oxygen, and the detection types exceed more than 500 kinds.
  • ultrasonic portable flow meter
    ultrasonic portable flow meter
    Portable SF6 Flow Control Meter
    Product Introduction: The portable SF6 flow control meter is designed to precisely control and monitor SF6 gas, as SF6 gas is expensive and has an impact on the environment. Both EU laws such as EC842/2006 and relevant regulations in China require the enhanced monitoring of SF6 gas. This device is a fully automatic, portable flow control meter that can monitor and record the correct gas usage during "filling" and "top-up" operations.
  • gas detection instrument
    gas detection instrument
    SF6 Environmental Online Detection and Alarm Instrument
    Product Introduction: The Winfoss-S1P SF6 Environmental Online Monitoring and Alarm System is specifically designed for SF6 switch stations of various voltage levels in power systems, featuring high system monitoring accuracy. It is a comprehensive monitoring and alarm system that integrates the functions of monitoring the indoor SF6 concentration and oxygen content in the switch station. Additionally, it has the capabilities of online temperature and humidity monitoring as well as fan linkage control.
  • sf6 leak
    sf6 leak
    SF6 Laser Leak Detection System
    Product Introduction: The SF6 laser leak detection system is a device based on the advanced photoacoustic gas detection principle, with a detection range as low as 6 ppb, exhibiting extremely low cross-sensitivity and long-term stability. It accurately measures the concentration of SF6 by utilizing the sound waves generated through the interaction between laser pulses and SF6 molecules. The system comprises a measurement unit, laser, vacuum pump, and controller, and it is operated through a custom control software running on a Windows system. Its features include high sensitivity, no radiation, no need for pure argon assistance, insensitivity to temperature and humidity, and continuous self-diagnostic capabilities. The system performs fully automatic measurements and data storage, meets multiple international standards, is portable and rugged, suitable for SF6 leak detection under various environmental conditions, providing strong support for industrial safety.
  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibration Device
    Product Introduction: The SF6 gas density relay calibration device is primarily used for the production, maintenance, and monitoring of SF6 gas products. It is suitable for the power system, providing convenience for the production, operation, pre-testing, and maintenance of SF6 electrical products. SF6 electrical products have been widely used in power departments, industrial mines, and enterprises. By adopting embedded microcomputer technology and importing high-performance pressure and temperature sensors, the calibration device resolves the difficulty of field calibration for RTSF6 gas density relays. The calibration device simultaneously samples the gas pressure and temperature during the operation of the tested relay and automatically converts them into standard pressure values at 20℃, thus achieving dynamic automatic compensation for pressure and temperature. Therefore, this calibration device eliminates the need for a constant temperature chamber required in traditional experimental methods, while also avoiding significant waste of SF6 gas.
  • gas chromatograph analyzer
    gas chromatograph analyzer
    Portable SF6 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer
    Product Introduction: The portable SF6 gas chromatograph analyzer is a device specifically designed for the analysis of SF6 gas, featuring portability, high sensitivity, and precision. This analyzer typically incorporates advanced gas chromatography technology, enabling rapid and accurate analysis of the composition and concentration of SF6 gas. SF6 is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas widely used as an insulating and arc-quenching medium in high-voltage equipment in the power system. However, SF6 gas may become contaminated or undergo decomposition during use, generating trace amounts of harmful substances. Therefore, regular analysis and detection of SF6 gas is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power system.
  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Purity Analyzer
    Product introduction: The SF6 gas purity analyzer is mainly used to measure the SF6 gas purity in the mixed gases of SF6 and air, and SF6 and N2, and to check the SF6 gas purity in SF6 equipment. The SF6 gas purity analyzer can be directly carried to the SF6 gas sampling points in power plants, substations, etc., and can be tested after connecting the air guide pipe. The instrument is powered by lithium batteries, with small size, light weight, simple operation, rapid response, and stable reading.
  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Comprehensive Analyzer
    Product Introduction: The SF6 gas comprehensive analyzer is an advanced testing equipment that integrates functions such as humidity measurement, percentage concentration measurement, and measurement of major decomposition products, realizing a convenient three-in-one detection. This instrument has a wide range of applications in multiple fields including electricity, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, and especially in the power system, where it provides great convenience for the production, operation, pre-testing, and maintenance of SF6 electrical products.
  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 gas recovery device
    Product Introduction: The SF6 gas recovery unit is an integrated recovery device that comprises a vacuum pumping system, a compression system, a purification system, a storage system, and a condensing system. The SF6 gas recovery, purification, and charging device is primarily utilized in SF6 gas-insulated electrical equipment manufacturing factories, operational departments, and research institutions. The QHS-H SF6 gas recovery unit is specifically designed for these facilities, allowing for the vacuum extraction of various electrical equipment, the charging of SF6 gas into electrical equipment, and the recovery of SF6 gas from used or tested electrical appliances. Additionally, it performs purification treatment, compression, and storage of the recovered gas into a storage tank.
  • sf6 gas is
    sf6 gas is
    Combined SF6 Gas Compressor
    Product Introduction: The combined SF6 gas compressor is a core component designed specifically for the SF6 gas recovery system. Its primary objective is to ensure the purity of SF6 gas, thereby significantly reducing the cost of subsequent processing and filtration. This compressor utilizes advanced technology and design concepts to achieve efficient, stable, and reliable operation.
  • gas sf6
    gas sf6
    SF6 Gas Purification Device
    Product Introduction: This equipment is a device specifically designed for purifying and filtering SF6 gas. The regenerated SF6 gas processed by this device can achieve the same quality as new gas, with a purification and filtering capacity of approximately 550kg. It is suitable for use in circuit breakers, gas-insulated substations (GIS), or other sealed insulating gases.
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