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  • leak detection system
    leak detection system
    Helium filling and recovery leak detection system
    The helium filling and recovery leak detection system is mainly composed of the helium filling / vacuum detection for major leaks system, the vacuum degassing system, the helium filling pressure boosting system, the helium gas recovery system, the assembly line transmission system, the electrical control system, the suction gun, and the helium mass spectrometer leak detector, etc.   The function of the helium filling and recovery leak detection system is to accurately and quickly find the leak point by filling in helium gas and recycling for detection, ensure the tightness and safety of the detected system or equipment, improve product quality, and avoid the losses and risks caused by leaks.
  • leak detection with helium
    leak detection with helium
    New energy vehicle suction gun helium leak detection system
    Product introduction: The new energy suction gun type helium leak detection system is an advanced detection technology, specifically designed for the leak detection of new energy equipment. It adopts the suction gun type design, which is easy to operate and can quickly and precisely detect tiny leaks. This system uses helium as the tracer gas and is detected through a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. During the detection process, helium is charged into the device under inspection, and the operator uses the suction gun to scan the device. If there is a leak in the equipment, the leaked helium will be sucked into the leak detector by the suction gun, thus quickly and accurately determining the leak point. This leak detection system has a high degree of accuracy and reliability, which can ensure the safety and stability of new energy equipment, and improve the quality and performance of the equipment, which has important significance for the development of the new energy industry.
  • sf6 leak
    sf6 leak
    SF6 Laser Leak Detection System
    Product Introduction: The SF6 laser leak detection system is a device based on the advanced photoacoustic gas detection principle, with a detection range as low as 6 ppb, exhibiting extremely low cross-sensitivity and long-term stability. It accurately measures the concentration of SF6 by utilizing the sound waves generated through the interaction between laser pulses and SF6 molecules. The system comprises a measurement unit, laser, vacuum pump, and controller, and it is operated through a custom control software running on a Windows system. Its features include high sensitivity, no radiation, no need for pure argon assistance, insensitivity to temperature and humidity, and continuous self-diagnostic capabilities. The system performs fully automatic measurements and data storage, meets multiple international standards, is portable and rugged, suitable for SF6 leak detection under various environmental conditions, providing strong support for industrial safety.
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