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  • leak detection system
    leak detection system
    Helium filling and recovery leak detection system
    The helium filling and recovery leak detection system is mainly composed of the helium filling / vacuum detection for major leaks system, the vacuum degassing system, the helium filling pressure boosting system, the helium gas recovery system, the assembly line transmission system, the electrical control system, the suction gun, and the helium mass spectrometer leak detector, etc.   The function of the helium filling and recovery leak detection system is to accurately and quickly find the leak point by filling in helium gas and recycling for detection, ensure the tightness and safety of the detected system or equipment, improve product quality, and avoid the losses and risks caused by leaks.
  • helium machine
    helium machine
    Helium Charging and Recovery Machine
    Product Introduction: The helium charging and recovery machine is specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of helium charging and recovery in helium leak detectors. It aims to reduce the cost of helium usage by recycling the helium through its recovery process. The recovery machine is used in conjunction with helium leak detection equipment. After the completion of the detection process, it recovers the helium, pressurizes it, and stores it in a storage tank. The helium is then transported through pipelines to the helium inlet of the helium leak detection equipment. One recovery machine can cater to the needs of two helium leak detection devices, and each device can be individually controlled.
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