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  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Purity Analyzer
    Product introduction: The SF6 gas purity analyzer is mainly used to measure the SF6 gas purity in the mixed gases of SF6 and air, and SF6 and N2, and to check the SF6 gas purity in SF6 equipment. The SF6 gas purity analyzer can be directly carried to the SF6 gas sampling points in power plants, substations, etc., and can be tested after connecting the air guide pipe. The instrument is powered by lithium batteries, with small size, light weight, simple operation, rapid response, and stable reading.
  • sf6 gas
    sf6 gas
    SF6 Gas Comprehensive Analyzer
    Product Introduction: The SF6 gas comprehensive analyzer is an advanced testing equipment that integrates functions such as humidity measurement, percentage concentration measurement, and measurement of major decomposition products, realizing a convenient three-in-one detection. This instrument has a wide range of applications in multiple fields including electricity, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, and especially in the power system, where it provides great convenience for the production, operation, pre-testing, and maintenance of SF6 electrical products.
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