• Vibration Test System for Various Fields
    Vibration Test System for Various Fields Jun 29, 2022
    The electric vibration test system contains four pieces: shake analyze-your bed, potential amplifier, control and chilling fan. It can be popular in vehicle parts, aerospace, devices, navigation, communication, gadgets, electrical contractor along with other sectors to identify the architectural steadiness of analyze samples, which assists to further improve the stability of products. Feature:1. Functioning concept of shaking dinner table: the electrified conductor techniques under the action of electromagnetic power within the magnet field. If the relocating coil within the magnet circuit in the electromagnetic shaking dinner table goes by throughout the switching current indicate, the interesting power is made, as well as the shake movements is made within the magnet circuit.2. Functioning concept of energy amplifier: the 3-period switching current is separated throughout the energy frequency transformer, depressurized and brought to the 3-period complete connection filtering, and so the reduced ripple DC power source is acquired through capacitor filtering and brought to the H-connection transformer. The result voltage influx is filtered with the regular setting and typical setting choke coil and then result for the shaking dinner table.3. Venzo range shake control, the core item in the control, is an extremely excellent control rich in expense efficiency, which could handle a myriad of shake dining tables (electronic or hydraulic shake dining tables, and so forth.). By far the most sophisticated DSP framework and handle algorithm formula worldwide, 32-little bit drifting-stage 450MHz DSP processor, high-efficiency 24 little bit ADC and 130dB vibrant range are adopted to guarantee trustworthy handle good quality.
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