Modern Digital Management
Modern Digital Management Jan 20, 2022

 Production Planning Management

The factory adopts system management, batch work order import, intelligent assignment of tasks, and at the same time calculates and generates the estimated end time, and can arrange the remaining capacity, etc. Realize scientific calculation and precise production management.



Delivery Management

Using the intelligent assisted production scheduling function, managers at all levels can view the production progress in real time, and check the deviation between the actual progress and the expected progress, so as to take effective measures to correct the deviation in time. It guarantees to complete the product on time and deliver it to our customers on time. Those are measures for helping reach our goal which is arrival satisfaction ≥98%.



 Quality Management

We uphold the ISO9001 quality management system. We constantly pursue the advanced nature of management,realizing the scientific management, and enhance the management level. We pursue quality control. In order to realize systematic quality management, every operation will be recorded so that the responsible person for every work order and product can be traced . Our goal is to have a pass rate of ≥99.7% for one-time inspection of products in storage, and a customer satisfaction rate of ≥95%.

Committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of laboratory testing instruments and production line testing systems
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