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    vacuum casting
    Dynamic mixing full-automatic vacuum casting equipment
    Product introduction: The dynamic mixing vacuum casting system uses a powerful control system to automatically control processes such as loading, proportioning, degassing, mixing, vacuum, heating, etc., and to real-time collect, monitor, display, and store production-related parameters such as weight, temperature, and vacuum degree. The variable data during the operating process can be freely modified according to the process requirements, and the equipment can be remotely monitored to assist customers in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of equipment failures. The dynamic mixing vacuum casting system is suitable for the vacuum casting production process of medium and low voltage insulation components, current, and voltage transformers, and other products. It adopts the classic dynamic mixing and proportioning, and can customize the vacuum casting equipment for customers according to the customer's requirements for the materials, processes, capacity, and operating requirements of the cast products, as well as the characteristics of the casting materials.
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