Networking + Automation, The Road To Expansion Of Future Vehicles
Networking + Automation, The Road To Expansion Of Future Vehicles Jan 20, 2022

There are two rapid development paths for smart cars

One is based on traditional cars, which are constantly automated. The other is mobile interconnection, which is constantly connected to the Internet. The combination of these two developments is called intelligent networked vehicles. 

At present, the global automobile industry is undergoing subversive changes, and artificial intelligence technology is changing the traditional automobile industry and modern urban travel at an alarming rate. Autonomous driving is becoming an important carrier of intelligence, informatization and low-carbonization of the global automobile industry. It is a new opportunity for the century-old transformation of the automobile industry, and a new opportunity for the reconstruction of the global automobile industry center and innovation highland.


Automobile inspection technology and equipment are developed along with the development of automobile technology.

After the network is connected, the car is not only an electrified product, but its ecology and business model will also change.

With the theme of intelligent networked vehicles, it will radiate new energy, intelligent transportation, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, military-civilian integration and other fields. In the future development, a lot of demonstration, standard and norm construction should be done. 

Higher requirements are put forward for the safety, environmental protection, networking and other aspects of automobiles. Research and development of advanced testing technology and the use of modern testing equipment are an inevitable trend in the automotive testing industry.

The development of automobile inspection technology and equipment is accompanied by the development of automobile technology, and the development and penetration of new technologies in other fields also promote the development and update of automobile inspection technology and equipment.

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