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    amorphous metal transformer
    Amorphous transformer vacuum oil filling equipment
    Product introduction:   The amorphous alloy transformer vacuum oil filling equipment is mainly used for removing impurities from various oils of amorphous alloy transformers, and improving the voltage-withstanding strength and oil quality. At the same time, this equipment can add additional functions such as drying function to meet the needs of different customers. This equipment adopts advanced vacuum and three-dimensional evaporation technology, which can carry out efficient processing under the conditions of no power outage, no production stoppage, no oil change, and live operation of the transformer. Moreover, it can automatically control parameters such as the oil filling amount, oil filling level, and vacuum degree, and has an oil overflow protection function. In addition, the modular design of the equipment facilitates the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment, and increased the life and reliability of the equipment.
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