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    Locomotive traction transformer kerosene oil-gas phase equipment
    Product introduction: The locomotive traction transformer kerosene gas-phase equipment is a device that carries out drying treatment on the locomotive traction transformer through the vaporization of kerosene. The basic principle of this equipment is to use kerosene to be heated and evaporated in a vacuum state, becoming high-temperature kerosene vapor, which condenses down in the vacuum tank when encountering the workpiece with a lower temperature, releasing the latent heat of condensation to heat the body, in the process of repeated cycles, the workpiece is continuously heated, and the temperature rises. At the same time, in the vacuum state, the moisture in the workpiece is continuously evaporated into water vapor, which is drawn out of the tank by the vacuum system, so that the moisture in the workpiece is continuously extracted to achieve the purpose of thoroughly drying the workpiece.
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