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    helium leak detection
    Fully Automatic Lithium Battery Box Helium Leak Detection Equipment
    Product Introduction: The fully automatic lithium battery cell box helium leak detection equipment is a critical device used to test the sealing performance of lithium battery boxes, ensuring the safety of battery usage. This equipment adopts efficient, safe, and easy-to-operate helium mass spectrometry leak detection technology. It injects helium into the battery box and detects the pressure changes inside the battery to determine the sealing performance of the battery welding. Firstly, the lithium battery is placed into the vacuum chamber of the equipment. Then, the equipment injects helium, filling the inside of the battery, thereby creating a concentration difference of helium inside and outside the lithium battery. Next, the equipment utilizes a detector to measure changes in helium concentration. When the detector measures a change in helium concentration, it indicates that helium is leaking from the lithium battery. Finally, by calculating the leakage rate, the equipment can determine if the lithium battery meets the specified leakage standards.
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