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  • valve expansion
    valve expansion
    Expansion valve helium inspection equipment
    Product introduction: The expansion valve helium inspection equipment is a kind of equipment that uses helium as a tracer gas and can measure the overall loss of the component. The component to be tested is inserted into the vacuum chamber or analysis chamber. Then, the chamber is exhausted, and the component will be pressurized by the helium gas. When the appropriate vacuum value is reached, the mass spectrometer will be connected to the analysis chamber, so as to measure the amount of helium overflow at the tested product. It has significant characteristics such as high sensitivity and high reliability, and can realize semi-automatic operation, and can quickly and accurately detect the leakage situation of the expansion valve.
  • mountain equipment helium
    mountain equipment helium
    Cylindrical cell helium charging equipment
    Product introduction:   The cylindrical cell helium filling equipment is a specially designed device, which is used to inject helium gas into the cylindrical cells. It has multiple characteristics, including the ability to precisely control the injection amount of helium gas, to ensure the high efficiency and stability of the filling process, and also has reliable safety performance. Its main function lies in being able to detect the tiny leaks of the cell, which is achieved through the extremely small molecule size of the helium gas. The use of this device can also appropriately improve the performance of the cell, which in turn helps to ensure the quality and stability of the cell. In practical applications, the operator needs to follow the standard process for operation, and pay attention to safety protection, and also needs to regularly maintain and calibrate the equipment to ensure its normal operation.  
  • equipment inspection
    equipment inspection
    Relay helium inspection equipment
    Product introduction: The relay helium inspection equipment is a kind of equipment specifically designed for detecting the helium gas leakage in the relay. It possesses the characteristics of precision, high efficiency, and reliability, and can quickly detect the tiny leakage inside the relay. Through the helium gas leak detection technology, this equipment ensures the tightness and reliability of the relay, thereby guaranteeing the normal operation of the related equipment. In various industrial fields, the relay helium inspection equipment plays an important role and provides a strong guarantee for the product quality.
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