What Testing Equipment Is Needed For New Energy Vehicles
What Testing Equipment Is Needed For New Energy Vehicles Jan 20, 2022

 Mechanical testing

A. Tensile testing machine: used to test the tensile failure performance of automobile wires and cables.

B. Plug-in force tester: used to test the plug-in life test of charging guns and charging piles, as well as the terminal plug-in force test.


Reliability testing in simulated environments

The simulated environment test chamber includes high and low temperature test  chamber, thermal shock test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber, rain test chamber, and aging test chamber. In addition, there is a high and low temperature test room for the whole vehicle.The electrical safety of new energy vehicles requires   more consideration. The vehicle must be tested for some aging performance under simulated climatic conditions.


Auxiliary testing equipment

Installed testing equipment, reliability testing equipment is basically the same as ordinary testing equipment. There are also some customers who need three        comprehensive equipment, vibrating table and so on.


Automotive performance related testing instruments

Air filter test bench, Hose pulse fatigue test bench, Rotating belt fatigue test bench, Wiper system comprehensive performance testing machine, Glass lifter test bench,    Fatigue testing machine and other products.

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