Power frequency withstand voltage test device

Power frequency withstand voltage test device

Product function:

The power frequency withstand voltage test device console is a special light-weight insulation withstanding voltage test device, which is essential withstanding voltage test equipment for power supply enterprises, large factories, metallurgy, power plants, railways and other power maintenance departments that require it.

Product features: 

Strong withstanding voltage ability: It has excellent withstanding voltage performance and can output higher power frequency voltages to meet the requirements of various tested equipment for high voltages, ensuring the stringency and accuracy of the test.

High accuracy: Its test results have a high degree of precision and reliability. It can provide accurate data to help judge the withstanding voltage performance of the tested equipment.

Good stability: It can always maintain a stable state during the long working process, not affected by external factors, and provide a reliable guarantee for the test.

Good safety: It is equipped with multiple protection measures to ensure the safety of the operator and reduce the risk in the test process.

High convenience: It has the feature of simple operation, and the user can easily get started without complicated training, which improves work efficiency.

Excellent anti-interference: It has good anti-interference ability and can effectively resist the influence of external interference factors, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

High reliability: It can run stably for a long time, with low failure rate, reducing the cost of maintenance and repair, and ensuring the continuity and stability of the test work.

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