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    degassing vacuum
    Transformer oil vacuum degassing treatment system
    Product introduction:This system is suitable for the vacuum degassing treatment of insulating oil, mainly used to filter the impurities in the oil, remove moisture and gas, and improve the insulation and other electrical performance indicators of the oil. This kind of system is suitable for the on-site maintenance of transformers in large substations, the rapid and deep treatment of new oil, imported oil and other insulating oil, as well as the vacuum filtering, purification, dehydration and de-gassing treatment of relatively valuable oils such as new oil vacuum filling oil, imported oil, transformer oil, transformer system capacitor oil and refrigeration oil.The technical parameters of this system include ultimate vacuum degree, working vacuum degree, working pressure, working temperature, etc. These parameters may vary depending on the model and specification of the specific equipment, and need to be set and adjusted according to the actual use situation.
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