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    Product Introduction:   The contact pressure tester is a specialized testing device used to measure the pressure of switch contacts. It consists of a fixed frame, digital force gauge, sliding seat, force measuring head, connecting plate, and other components. During the testing process, the contact pressure tester simulates the movement of the contact through the digital force gauge and force measuring head, and measures the pressure between the contact and the stationary contact.   The contact pressure tester boasts numerous features and advantages. For instance, it can adjust the opening size of the sensor to measure the pressure of switch contacts of different models and specifications. Additionally, it utilizes a high-precision pressure sensor to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results.   To use the contact pressure tester, simply simulate the opening of the contact sensor at each pair of contact positions using the test clamp. This will display and record the contact pressure at that moment, effectively addressing a major challenge in measuring contact pressure. This instrument can also be used for inspecting contact pressure in isolation switch manufacturing factories. By altering the shape of the pressure sensor, it can also measure the contact pressure of circuit breakers.
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