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  • transformer high voltage
    transformer high voltage
    Ultra-high voltage transformer vapor-phase drying equipment
    Product introduction: The ultra-high voltage transformer vapor-phase drying equipment is a kind of drying equipment specifically for ultra-high voltage transformers, which adopts the vapor-phase technology to carry out drying treatment on the transformer through heating and evaporating the medium. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, uniformity, and stability, and can ensure the insulation performance and quality of the transformer, and is widely used in the power industry.
  • transformer high voltage
    transformer high voltage
    Ultra-high voltage transformer vacuum oil treatment systems
    Product introduction:The ultra-high voltage transformer vacuum oil processing system is mainly used for the vacuum degassing treatment of insulating oil to filter out the impurities in the oil, remove moisture and gas, and improve the insulation and other electrical performance indicators of the oil. The double-stage vacuum high-suction speed system can quickly and efficiently remove harmful components such as moisture, gas, and impurities from the oil, and increase the withstand voltage strength of the transformer oil. It can meet the on-site requirements for transformer vacuum pumping and vacuum oil filling. The ultra-high-precision filtering system, which is progressively encrypted, can quickly and effectively remove the mechanical impurities in the oil. The filter material has strong corrosion resistance, large dirt capacity, high mechanical strength, and is durable. The automatic constant temperature system, automatic hydraulic control system, automatic pressure protection system, and automatic defoaming control system ensure the high-performance operation of the equipment. Online oil filtering can be unmanned operation, and the operating status is indicated by the indicator light. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection, and the oil discharge system, vacuum system, and heating system are interlocked to avoid adverse effects caused by misoperation. There is a filter element replacement indicator and a filter element saturation shutdown device. There are leakage, overload shutdown devices to protect the motor. There is phase sequence and phase lack protection function, and sudden shutdown safety control.
  • ultra high voltage transformer
    ultra high voltage transformer
    Ultra-high voltage transformer vacuum filling and pumping platform
    Product introduction:   High-efficiency dehydration, degassing, and impurity removal: The ultra-high voltage transformer mutual inductor vacuum oil filling platform adopts efficient vacuum and three-dimensional evaporation technology, which can carry out dehydration, degassing, and impurity removal processing on the transformer oil in a short time, and improve the electrical and insulating properties of the oil. Automatic control: This platform uses advanced automatic control system, which can achieve precise control of parameters such as the amount of oil filling, the oil filling level, and the vacuum degree, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of oil filling. Safe and reliable: The ultra-high voltage transformer mutual inductor vacuum oil filling platform has multiple safety protection functions, such as oil overflow protection and overload protection, to ensure the safety of the operators and the stability of the equipment. Strong adaptability: This platform can be customized according to different models and specifications of the ultra-high voltage transformer mutual inductor to adapt to different processing needs. Energy saving and environmental protection: This platform adopts advanced energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption and emissions, which meets environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the transformer oil is recycled to reduce waste and pollution. High efficiency: The ultra-high voltage transformer mutual inductor vacuum oil filling platform can greatly improve the oil filling efficiency and dehydration efficiency, shorten the processing time, and improve production efficiency. In short, the ultra-high voltage transformer mutual inductor vacuum oil filling platform is an efficient, safe, and reliable vacuum oil filling processing equipment, which is suitable for the processing of ultra-high voltage transformers and can meet the high-voltage requirements of the power system.  
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