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  • casting equipment
    casting equipment
    Transformer Static Mixing Vacuum Casting Equipment
    Product introduction: The Transformer Static Mixing Vacuum Casting Equipment is a special equipment for the manufacturing of transformers, which adopts vacuum casting technology. Under the vacuum environment, this equipment casts and shapes the components and insulating materials of the transformer to improve the insulating performance and reliability of the transformer. It has the characteristic of precisely controlling the casting process parameters to ensure the stability of product quality.   The Transformer Static Mixing Vacuum Casting Equipment is mainly used in the epoxy resin casting production of dry-type transformers, dry-type bushings, basin-type insulators, dry-type transformers, high-voltage switch insulating components, and other electrical products. It is suitable for the casting of electrical insulating products with or without fillers; It is suitable for the vacuum deaeration, mixing, and casting of polymer materials such as bisphenol A epoxy resin, purple ring family outdoor type epoxy resin, and polyurethane; It is suitable for the processing of the mixed material added by the user and the processing of the two-component pre-mixed filler, with a wide range of viscosity from 10 centipoise to 20,000 centipoise, and has a wide range of applications.
  • vacuum casting
    vacuum casting
    Dynamic mixing full-automatic vacuum casting equipment
    Product introduction: The dynamic mixing vacuum casting system uses a powerful control system to automatically control processes such as loading, proportioning, degassing, mixing, vacuum, heating, etc., and to real-time collect, monitor, display, and store production-related parameters such as weight, temperature, and vacuum degree. The variable data during the operating process can be freely modified according to the process requirements, and the equipment can be remotely monitored to assist customers in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of equipment failures. The dynamic mixing vacuum casting system is suitable for the vacuum casting production process of medium and low voltage insulation components, current, and voltage transformers, and other products. It adopts the classic dynamic mixing and proportioning, and can customize the vacuum casting equipment for customers according to the customer's requirements for the materials, processes, capacity, and operating requirements of the cast products, as well as the characteristics of the casting materials.
  • vacuum casting
    vacuum casting
    Dynamic mixing vacuum casting equipment
    Product profile: It is mainly used for the production of epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers, transformers, reactors, and high-voltage switch insulators below 35kV, and can also be used for the vacuum casting molding of power and electronic components that require epoxy resin encapsulation. Working principle: Using different working units, under the condition of being isolated from the air, process the casting materials to make them dehydration and deaeration, and heat them to a certain temperature, and then mix them uniformly according to the required proportion, and cast the processed materials into the coil mold in a full vacuum state.
  • static mixing nozzles
    static mixing nozzles
    Thousand-type bushing static mixing vacuum casting equipment
    Product introduction: The dry-type bushing - static mixing vacuum casting and impregnation system is specifically designed for the vacuum casting of high-voltage bushings and other products. It carries out centralized control over processes such as the loading of casting materials, deaeration, mixing, product vacuum drying, vacuum casting, pressure impregnation, and final solidification, to achieve automated production and increase production efficiency and product qualified rate.
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