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  • drying equipment
    drying equipment
    Coal oil vapor-phase vacuum drying equipment
    Product introduction: The coal oil vapor-phase vacuum drying equipment is a kind of special drying treatment equipment for substances such as kerosene. It adopts the vapor-phase vacuum technology to carry out drying in a vacuum environment, and has the characteristics of high drying efficiency and good drying quality. This equipment reduces the boiling point of kerosene by reducing the pressure, speeds up the drying speed, and simultaneously reduces energy consumption. Its operation is relatively simple, and it can effectively remove the moisture in the kerosene and increase the purity and quality of the kerosene.
  • gas drying
    gas drying
    Mobile gas-phase drying equipment
    Product introduction: The mobile gas-phase drying equipment is a flexible and convenient drying equipment. It has the characteristic of being movable and can adapt to the needs of different sites. This equipment uses gas-phase drying technology and through specific process flows to carry out efficient drying on the materials. Its advantages include fast drying speed, good effect, and the ability to maintain the quality and performance of the materials. In addition, the mobile gas-phase drying equipment also has the characteristics of simple operation and easy maintenance, and can be widely applied in multiple fields.
  • vacuum drying
    vacuum drying
    Capacitor vacuum drying and oil filling equipment
    Product introduction: The capacitor vacuum drying oil filling equipment is a kind of equipment used in the manufacture of capacitors, which can inject oil into the interior of the capacitor and carry out vacuum drying treatment to ensure that the capacitor has good insulation performance and stability.This equipment usually includes the following several parts:Oil filling system: Used to inject oil into the capacitor.Vacuum system: Used to maintain the vacuum state inside the container during the oil filling process to ensure the uniformity and completeness of the oil material injection.Drying system: Used to carry out drying treatment on the capacitor after oil filling to remove the moisture and gas therein and improve its insulation performance.Control system: Used to control the operation of the entire equipment, including the setting and control of parameters such as the amount of oil filled, vacuum degree, and drying time.
  • low frequency
    low frequency
    Low-frequency vacuum drying equipment-1
    Product introduction: The low-frequency vacuum drying equipment is a kind of equipment specially used for material drying. It creates a vacuum environment and uses low-frequency technology to heat the material. Under the vacuum condition, the moisture can evaporate more quickly, thus achieving efficient drying. This equipment has the advantages of fast drying speed, good effect, and the ability to maintain the quality of the material. It is suitable for the drying of a variety of materials and is widely used in various fields. Its operation is relatively simple and can effectively save energy. In addition, the low-frequency vacuum drying equipment also has higher safety and stability.
  • drying equipment
    drying equipment
    The vapor-phase drying equipment with oil-spraying function
    Product introduction: This equipment is a special drying equipment for transformers, which adopts the vapor-phase technology to carry out drying treatment on the transformer through heating and evaporating the medium. Its oil-spraying function refers to uniformly spraying the oil on the surface of the transformer during the drying process to improve the drying effect. This kind of equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, uniformity, and stability, and can ensure the insulation performance and quality of the transformer, and is widely used in the power industry.
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